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Friday, August 11, 2006

Su says I have the most annoying whine (what's a whine??) she's ever heard and I think she figured out that if i do it long enuf YOU guys will let me do whatever i want. She's NASTY tho - she won't let me out of my crate UNTIL I shut up!!
I'm having FUN!!!! I'm having more fun than i ever had in my life!! (except with you guys of course since you still fall for my whining). I'm humping BIG DOGS!! Ok , they're just bigger than ME but I've been eyeballing these two mastiffs but I think i'll wait til they're sleeping to hump them.
Riley and i are total terrors and there are MORE PUPPIES COMING!!! We're gonna take ove rthe WORLD - well this world anyway but we'll ave to wait for Su to be asleep to try that one. Problem with the plan is WE'RE asleep when she's asleep. If possible, Riley and I plan to conserve ALL our energy for one day and do the take over then, when everyone is asleep except us. Unfortunate problem with that plan too is we haven't figured out how to open our crates yet either. Do you guys have any suggestions?
The weather is good. it's not so hot in the morning or at night anymore. Morag the husky is really happy abut that!
i get these treats here that I really, really, really love!! I even stop whining for them! I know we had them at home suddenly after we came here the first time so can you make that majic happen again?
I bet you guys MISS ME ME MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!! Did I say you miss me? I miss you guys too but it could be worse i suppose. Don't know how since I'm only a baby but the other guys tell me stories that make my hair curl about where they went b4 their parents found this place - DON'T SEND ME TO THOSE PLACES!!! I'll be GOOD!!! I WON'T WHINE (unless you send me there then i'll make your lives HECK!)
OH!! AN\OTHER dog is arriving - gotta go make noise and hump them!
I love you guys! I miss you and PLEASE don't forget ME!!