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Saturday, April 6, 2005

Hi Mom & dad!
Bet you miss us a lot!!
We know mom you're having knee surgery - Su told us again today when we kept asking where you were. Hope all goes well!!
We miss you guys a lot too.
Saiko - dad! can we start playing with sticks too? besides frizbees I mean. maybe hedgehogs that squeek, balls & smaller dogs than me? ahahaha
Sage - I'm eating!! each meal!!! I like to eat here! I haven't beaten anyone up in a couple days but I hear this broad named Mama is coming (hope she's not as tuff as Jessie!! hooboy! that is a tuff one!).
There's this weird guy named Obie here til friday. He bugs Saiko cuz he keeps looking at her and lumbering on over to her. She snaps & snarls & darts away! I think he can't see a darn thing cuz of the hair in his eyes. He's a bouvier. Dumb looking too.
Wait'll sage see's Mika tomorrow! remember that St Bernard? Su said she's a year old now and still real big. She'll probably bug Obie instead of Saiko - i just have this feeling.
Bye mom & dad, stuff is ok here so don't worry. We love you!!!!

Note From Su: They're doing great. Sage loves to be outside surveying the fields and walking around with Hank or Obie.
Saiko is still waiting for sticks and balls to just launch themselves in the air for her. I am still waiting to see this too!

Get better fast! Heal Well & John - everything will be fine!
Love Su, Sage, Saiko, Hank, Jessie, Gizmo (CuJo) and the rest of 'em