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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

It's me MOCHA writing from CAMP!!
I'm here having fun altho i miss you all everyday!! Thank you for sending me here so i don't have to mope around the house with some stranger or relative (relatives remind me more of you and then i'd MISS you more) or worse yet - a KENNEL!! there's supposedly a camp down the road and one of the dogs escaped and came here. He told us they have 10' x10' crates and three WALKS a day - wow! That SUCKS!! He wanted to stay here but some man came to get him. No one believes it's a camp cuz we know a kennel when we hear about one.
More about ME! I play all day but ystrdy Su caught me eating poop...she wasn't impressed especially when she say me waiting behind Jessie to catch it as it fell. I sorta got in trouble. I believe this would be YOUR fault since you obviously ratted me out or she wouldn't've been watching I think. You're VERY NAUGHTY !!
We swim 10 or 12 times per day and chase balls and each other. We lie under trees and no one has been watching t.v. lately. There are a few scaredy dogs here when there are thunder storms but I'm not one of them.
By for now. Su said you're picking me up either no later than 8pm Sat or sunday first thing in the morning.
I'll be waiting!

Love Mocha