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Monday, December 27, 2004

Look at how much room I have to run around!
Hi Mom & Dad
Dexter is ok but Blake EATS everything - not just chews it! SWALLOWS it! He's not allowed to have a blanket or mat in his cabin cuz they seem to disappear! He tried to take my big pillow right thru the mesh but i pulled it back. Broke the door tho so now I'm back in th main cabin heeheeeheeeeheeeee. Ok, it was an accident but it worked out well for me.
Misty is a great dane - she's three and just as big as me but she's really skinny. good runner tho.
I've been playing with Mama - she was a bit if a bitch to me at first but now we play fight all the time.
Kobe is a boxer & he like to run with me all over the field. Some of the guys get bleeding paws from the ice but not me! I was meant for this!!!
Chester just got here - he's that Briard that was here before who has to be brushed every 5 minutes - he has BOOTIES!!!! ahahahahahahahhaha. Big goof.
Well try not to forget me guys, bring me presents & I love you
Mika, your daughter ;-)