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Saturday, December 25, 2004

I thought I'd add a picture, just
in case you forgot how pretty I am
Hi Kids!
Having a great time - glad you're NOT here! ;-))))
I've learned a new thing! I can growl at a dog to make them go away & I DON'T have to jump them or pin them down to make them stop!!! What a revelation! what a RELIEF!!! so much time & energy wasted on thumping other dogs!
I am playing very nicely with Mika - she's an 8 mo old St. Bernard who walks right over my whole body when we play! Never felt anything like that before! I growl & she growls & we chew each others faces (gently of course) and then she rolls on top of me and squishes me and it's FUN!
I like to sleep on the couch with Su. Misty (the Great Dane) keep crawling up there on top of us but it's not soooo bad.
Nancy comes to play with us too. And Trudie came yesterday with Ben and Lucy. They're good mates.
Thursday night was Pizza Night - Su wasn't kidding when she advertised it on that web site - double cheese, mushrooms, pineapple, Pepperoni on top - we're not suffering here let me tell you.
I'm not too crazy about sleeping in the Cabins but it's ok cuz the other guys are there too. Su lets one of us each night sleep upstairs with her & Dave - my turn tonight - YAHHHHH!
I think it's cuz 'upstairs' is Gizmo, HAnk & Jessie's cabin & I guess they're allowed their own private space. It is their house after all.
Gotta RUN! Nancy is heading out the door!!!
Love you guys, thanks for the best present - HERE
Love Forever
Mama (your dog in case you forgot on the ski slopes of Whistler)