Camp Lotsadogs

Letters from Camp...

Look at the pond! I love playing with Daisy & Hank and all the other dogs.
Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hi DAD!! It's ME! JASPER!!
I'm at camp but i guess you know that cuz you dumped me here while you went away - AGAIN!
I'm having FUN!! It's different this time cuz there's no snow but there's a POND!! I can stand in the water & hit it with my paws and make BIG splashes that i try to BITE!! GRRRRRR! BITE!!
I'm amused for hours doing this and Su thinks I'm a dink!
I get to sleep upstairs cuz I'm still a chicken but last night i was a big boy and made the choice to hang downstairs with the other guests (ok, they were crated & I wasn't - I don't poop or pee in the house like some of the others here).
Su has a baby Raccoon named Ralph. He's pretty funny. at night when i go upstairs she in this big dog crate that he breaks out of all the time. Bet the other dogs would like to know how he does it but i'm not telling.
Can't wait for you to come home for me but don't rush on Sunday. It's Jessie's b-day and we're having a party from 4-6p,

Love You!