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Monday, July 17, 2006

Grover in the Snow
It's ME! GROVER!!! REMember ME?!!! The poor, sad dog you left behind like awhile ago??!!!! Yeah! That one! Kinda brown & Curly???? Well he left with you!! I'm still my same old happy self (NOTE FROM SU: you teachers out there better NOT say anything about spelling or grammer - EVERYONE knows dogs can't spell, don't know grammar and can't READ either! I'm just taking dictation here!)
SU! get off your blabbing - this is MY LETTER!!
Hi MOM! Hi DAD! Hi KIDS!! It's ME, ME , ME!! GROVER!!!
I'm having a great time! I really am. did notice no letters or pics coming from YOU GUYS THO!! Su does allow us pics and letters from home you know!
I have friends here from b4 like Blake and Abby and there is this total BABE named Morag but she won't give me the time of day - she likes HANK for pete's sake! Well she's here for a month or so and i still have time plus i'm coming back b4 she leaves right?
We swim every day about 15 gazillion times (what's a gazillion anyway?) and play ball and snooze under the trees and in the airconditioned playroom and play and walk and poop and have peeing contests! We see who has the best aim for missing a tress and hitting the pack leaders szoozing on the lounge chairs...well never mind that one - Su might get mad if i tell you that!
I'm ok tho, really so you don't have to worry about me, not that you likely are or you'd've send me a little postcard or a snack or something...SNACKS!! Snacks are GREAT here!!! Everything from dehydrated organ meat to PIZZA!! I LOVE PIZZA NIGHT!!
I have to go to bed now cuz i get laffed at if i sleep in here.
I love you all and miss you too