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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hi MOM! Hi DAD!! It's ME! DAISY!!
I have 2 BOYFRIENDS here!! Both Black Labs! Tempo comes Mon & fri and Ridley on Tues, wed Thurs so I get both of them and no one is the wiser, except Su whos ROFLHAO (Rollong On the Floor Laffing Her A.. OFF) everyday!! Don't really see what so funny myself.
I've stopped jumping up on everyone now. Su thinks it's cuz of all their hard work to keep me down but the fact is - I'M TIRED!! Too tired to jump anymore. I'm saving it for when you guys get home. I'm having fun here and Su says I'm supposed to thank you for giving me a vacation but frankly, I expect nothing less from you guys since I'm the most special dog in the world to you!
There's LotsaDogs here (Su said i had to say that too. Has anyone told her she can't spell???) and they're all party animals. We play lots of ball (I like to run with this squeaky hedgehog in my mouth and squeak it everywhere. I think Dave took the sqeaky out tho cuz there's a big hole in it now and it doesn't squeak anymore). There's about 18 more hedgehogs he hasn't found yet but i have!
Weather is GREAT! Rain and mud everyday! Puddles too! good thing i'm already black cuz you shld see the goldens and the white dogs...well they were white dogs once.
I have to go now. Last run b4 dinner and i need a nap anyway.
Hope you guys miss me as much as i miss you. Su said i might go home on the 19th but maybe not til the 24th. 24th is good for me guys!

Your only, favourite, most gorgeous, brilliant Daughter Daisy