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Monday, November 22, 2004

Here's a picture of me with my new friends Dan & Rocky!
Hi Mom & Dad,
No doubt you guys are off somewhere forgetting all about me!
Bet you're thrilled to have found some place to leave me & sneak off on your own... kidding! Bet I'm having more fun than you!
I got my bed and all the extra beds I feel like using (Jessie seems to sneak into my bed sometimes but she's not so bad - old tho so I'm being polite about it) all to myself. I'm staying in the main big cabin with everyone else.
I have Zack to bug like he's a big brother - never had anyone to bug all the time before. Hank & Gizmo (that 1/2 Papillion, 1/2 Pygmy Goat) are nice to me too but don't play like Zack who lives here too.
I was lucky arriving on Thursday cuz zack's muscles were sore from playing with these puppies the day before (they're back tues & wed this week so I can show Zack how a REAL man handles all these women) and I could REALLY get on his nerves when I arrived!! hahahahahahh
There's Ben & Lucy of course who come everyday & some little wimpy looking dog named Tarzan (he's like 4" tall, go figure a name like that???) came for an appt. I think he's coming after I leave tho so that's ok.There are also triplet boarder collies and other assorted campers who came & went.
I know Su has this place wired for sound and video (pervert!) so we sometimes wait til like 2am and let a couple howls out! Bet she jumps outta bed!!! hahahahahha We Like to do it at 5:30am too!!! If we're up, she better be up. Gotta keep these counsellors on their toes! Su's no fun, I wait behind the door to poke her with my nose and she opens the door & grabs me in a big hug FIRST!! How totally embarrassing. I gotta slink out like she's not cool & try again later.
Dave's nice, he feeds us breakfast. He likes to brush me & so does Ryan & Su. She's the tuffest looking for mats. I try to hide them but one of them always finds them. At least it doesn't hurt. Don't know why i ever thought rain sucked. I can get my paws black with mud & then jump the humans (including Su) & give 'em big bear hugs. Sometimes if I sneak up real quietly from behind I can actually drop 'em in the mud!!! TOO FUNNY!! How come I don't have a camera huh?
Foods good. Same as at home tho but I can suck them into a little extra in the cookie dept and they put tuna water in my food the first night cuz I wasn't hungry - I liked that!! I'd prefer bacon grease but they keep eyeballing my coat like i might get poop on it or something & they'd have to clean me (HEE HEE HEE)
We have pizza night last night but they wouldn't give me the cheesey part (ok, so no one else got any either) but we had the pepperoni & the crusts & pineapple too!! !! Can we have double cheese, pineapple, green olives, green peppers and pepperoni on top, well done when you get home?
This girl came to check out the camp today. Her name's Winnie - what a babe!!! She looks like the female version of Hank but waaay prettier. She's coming next week for the weekend til monday so don't bother picking me up early!
Su got me a friabee squirrel and a squeaky pacifier (she's a real laff riot huh?). She's always running around with this stoopid camera trying to get a shot of me with it - like, AS IF! (I think the camera is on the top shelf somewhere, bummer, I could swallow it in one gulp, stoopid little thing)
Oh well, lights out, night.
Send money, more underwear and vanilla wafers ASAP
Love Chester, your son, don't forget!