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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hi DAD!!!!
It's ME!!!
BOUNCER!!!! you better remember!!! please say you remember?!!!
i'm having a great time! there are lots of big dogs like ME & pups like ME and energizer bunnies like ME!! I'm so busy trying to wear them all out I'M GETTING WORN OUT!!
Lately I've only been able to GOGOGOGO for 6 straight hours! Down from 8 is a lot!!
Room service is great but the food is the same as at home!?? Didn't you promise me New York Strips every night or was that when you get home cuz you feel bad for having a good time without me?
I'm getting bigger and stronger and me & Jackson & Fido are like best buds!
That Su is a tough one tho. nothing gets by her. I had a plastic bag I was chewing on & she grabbed it away from me! I was across the ROOM!! WHO HEARS A PLASTCI BAG BEING CHEWED??!!! Never even got one peice off it.
She caught Max chewing and swallowing a squeaky hedgehog - well he almost got to swallow it but he was dumb - he chewed it into pieces first then was gonna eat them.
Bed time is 9:30pm but we're up by 7. We're allowed to stay up til 10 but no one seems to be able too. We're also allowed to get up at 6 but no one seems to be able to either.
Can't wait for you to get home & pick me up - I NEED MORE SLEEP!!! This place is CRAZY!!

I love you Dad