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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's ME, Basil! Did you forget? Didn't think so!
Su is playing a dirty trick on me each day! he carries me to the end of the field & makes me WALK BACK!! What IS THAT?!!!
I am outraged! She shld be carrying me everywhere! this is MY vacation too remember? Talk to her PLEASE! She makes the other Alpha Pack Leaders do it too and tells them to ignore me if i growl at them. just pick me up anyway!!!
I'll tell you a secret though - don't tell Su - I kinda like the attention plus while i'm out there I get to watch all the action AND chase some balls! I went swimming and Su was smiling at me. I pretended not to notice.
I will thank her tho b4 we leave. You did teach me to be polite.
I love you Mom! Come home soon (but not too soon) ;-)

your dauughter
Basil The Best